Vortrag: Making Change Instead of Asking For It

Ort: Hörsaalgebäude +1/0030, Marburg
Datum: 12.07.2018 Uhrzeit wird noch Bekannt gegeben
Referent: Jake Conroy

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A Case For Campaigns: Making Change Instead of Asking For It

As the animal rights movement focuses more and more on individual lifestyle changes through educational outreach and vigils, the numbers of animals slaughtered every year continues to rise. What can we do to slow and eventually stop this increase?

By focusing our pressure on corporations and industries rather than relying on the individual, we can begin to shift this trend. Looking at previous animal rights campaigns as well as campaigns in other movements, we can begin to see how real world change is possible.

Der Referent:

Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer based in Seattle, WA, USA. He has been involved in a wide range of activism since 1995. His passion for positive change led him to volunteer with and organize various successful campaigns on local, regional, national and international levels, including outreach, fur campaigns, interrupting whale hunts, and the radical SHAC campaign against a notorious animal testing laboratory.

Recognizing the need for strong grassroots campaigning, Jake helped build the foundation of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA, one of the most successful grassroots animal rights campaigns in history. Due to the overwhelming success of the campaign Jake and his co-defendants, known as the SHAC 7, were tried and found guilty as domestic terrorists. Jake was sentenced to 48 months, which he served in 2 prisons in southern California.

Currently Jake works for Rainforest Action Network, an organization that uses direct action and pressure campaigns to help enact responsible corporate policies. He can also be found speaking at universities and events around the world.